PipCounter PRO MT4 (Full Settings Description)


Easily Track every Pip or point alongside Current Profit % on every single open Trade.

General Settings

  • CORNER(Left/Right): Choose which side of the screen to display the Indicator.
  • Show MarginLevel(%):Choose “true” to show Margin Level, “false” to hide it.
  • Show CandleTime Data: Choose “true” to show Next Bar Time remaining, “false” to hide it.
  • Show Total Profits_LINE: Choose “true” to show the Profit LINE, “false” to hide the entire line.
  • Show Total Profits(in Brackets): Choose “true” to show the Total Profits in Account Currency(in brackets), “false” to hide it leaving only the Total Percent% Profit.
  • Show Total Profits in USD(Crypto): Choose “true” to Convert Crypto Accounts Total Profit to USD eg. BTC account profitàUSD profits. This allows you to see your crypto profit in USD while trading a Crypto broker, “false” shows default Account Currency. This may also work on Non-USD accountsàUSD profits conversion depending on your broker. So test it out!!
  • Show Profits%(Individual Trades)+Lots : Choose “true” to show the current Profit Percent% per single trade + Lotsizes, “false” to hides both items.
  • Change Profit Decimals: Enter a number from 0-10. This shifts the decimal point of the Total Profits(in brackets). This allows you to correct the Total Profit decimal place for crypto pairs with about 8 decimal places and then switch back to USD or EUR with 2 decimal places.
  •  Add Swap+Commissions(Total Profit): Choose “true” to Add Swap + Commissions to Total Profit calculations making it more accurate, “false” to ignore it.
  • Add Full(2side) Commission(for Open Trades): Choose “true” to show 2 Side/Roundtrip Commission for Forex, “false” to show 1 Side/Half-trip Commission. Showing commission depends on your broker, account type and trades running . Usually ECN accounts from popular Australian brokers may support this in MT5. If choosing 2 side shows twice the value than expected, set it to “false”.

Changing Pip Decimals(Trades) Settings

  • Shift PIP Decimals: Choose “true” to activate the two Settings below, “false” to de-activate them.
  • No. of Decimals to Shift: Enter a number from 0-10. This shifts the decimal point of the Pips of your running Trades and Spread. eg. 1.45 @ 0 decimal, 0.145 @ 1 decimal.
  • RoundUP(digits): Enter a number from 0-10. This Rounds up the Pips you shifted earlier. Eg.   0.145 @ 1 decimal earlier = @ 2 Roundup= 0.15.

FONT & COLORS Settings

  • Text color: Select any color you want for the Text/Titles (left).
  • Values color: Select any color you want for the Values (right).
  • Font Size: Change value to increase or reduce size of fonts. However, overdoing this might distort/overlap text so test it out to find a respectable size. You can also resize the background box separately to match new text size.
  • Font Name: Type any of the popular font names like Tahoma, Times New Roman etc. in full to change the Font type.
  • Change Loss to Another Color: Choose “true” to activate Setting below, “false” to de-activate it.
  • SELECT Loss Color: Select any color you want the Values to show when you are losing (yet winning maintains previous color you set earlier).

Background Settings

  • Show Background: Choose “true” to show background box behind Text, “false” to hide it completely.
  • SELECT Background Color: Select any color you want for the background box.
  • Make Background Transparent: “true” makes background box Transparent, “false” makes it Solid.
  • Change Width of Background Box: Used when text is leaking outside background box or text size has reduced a lot. Adjust the value to change the width of the background box.
  • SELECT Border Color(Flat): Select any color you want for the Border of the background box (but border type below must be “Flat”).
  • Border type:  This changes the type of Border; “flat” is normal with no depth, “raised” has been elevated, “non-dynamic pointer” has been sunk/has depth.