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IDX - What Is It and How It Works?

Sep 9

If you’re not using IDX for WordPress yet, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to grow a competitive real estate business. With more realtors using the Showcase IDX plugin to bring MLS data right to their own websites, the trend is clear: IDX is here to stay. 

IDX, or Internet Data Exchange, might sound like just another piece of marketing software to non-techie professionals. However, the growing usage of IDX for WordPress real estate websites indicates how powerful this web app really is. 

In this article, we’re going to de-mystify what IDX really is, how it works, and why you’d do yourself a disservice by not using IDX for your WordPress website. 

What is IDX?

An IDX is a system that allows users to search the MLS-listed properties right from your own website. The searches can be filtered by neighborhood or community so you can get as hyper-local as you want. 

Users can customize their searches to view sold listings, open houses, or get a detailed view of all the listings in an MLS. 

Is an IDX necessary?

You might be asking “Why not get the data directly from the MLS?” There are a few reasons why, but it really boils down to licensing costs. See, in some cities like Los Angeles, obtaining access to an MLS can easily cost you about $10k a year. 

Not only that, but you also need to figure out a way to render that data onto your website in a way that humans can understand. That will likely require a web developer to build a web app that does all that, and could cost a few thousand bucks more. 

How do you get IDX?

If you’re a realtor thinking of making your own real estate website, signing up for IDX for WordPress is a no-brainer. Your website visitors will love having the ability to browse MLS data anytime and from anywhere. 

The rules for getting IDX are established by your local MLS or Realtor Association which usually means that only licensed realtors are granted IDX access. 

Showcase IDX

The good news is that getting IDX for your WordPress site has never been easier thanks to the Showcase IDX plugin. This powerful plugin is super easy to install and plays well with your other WordPress plugins. 

With Showcase IDX for WordPress, users can sign up to receive emails notifying them when properties that match their search criteria become available on the market. In addition, users are prompted to register with their contact details which makes Showcase IDX a high-quality lead generation tool. 

Unlike sites like Zillow who send leads generated from your listings to so-called “premium agents” who pay fees to Zillow, the leads generated from Showcase IDX go to YOU.  

Showcase IDX helps drive traffic 

Showcase IDX was made with SEO in mind and helps keep users engaged and coming back to your website. As your users keep using your website and sharing their listings on social media, your business becomes credible and trustworthy for search engines. 

Showcase IDX is a great way to automate your website with fresh and always up-to-date content that attracts users. All these powerful benefits make IDX a critical tool for any serious real estate professional.