FE fundinfo acquires cashflow planner CashCalc


FE fundinfo, a UK firm which connects fund managers and fund distributors, has acquired cashflow planner CashCalc.

The acquirer says in a statement that cashflow planning is “a natural extension of the fund selection process”.

“Cashflow planning is a key component of an adviser’s process”

CashCalc, which was founded by advisers back in 2014, will continue to be offered as stand-alone product.

FF fundinfo says it will invest “significantly” into the integration between CashCalc’s extended tools, including platform and back-office integrations.

Formed out of the merger between Financial Express, fundinfo and F2C back in 2017, the FE fundinfo brand emerged two years later, in 2019.

Its core offering provides investment research and model portfolio services to the UK’s financial advisory firms.

In June last year, FE FundInfo launched a fund dashboard to help advisers assess a fund’s ability to meet their clients’ needs.

The combination of FE fundinfo and CashCalc will therefore form “a more complete journey” for both entities’ clients, says Ray Adams, CashCalc’s founder and director

According to October 2020 Nextwealth data cited by FTAdviser, CashCalc has a 45% marketshare among advisers using cashflow modelling tools.

“Cashflow planning is a key component of an adviser’s process and, perhaps even more so during the course of the pandemic,” says Adams.

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