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IBC Tote Mixers Offer a Number of Options For all of Your Mixing Needs

Mar 23

An IBC Tote Mixer is an air powered mixer that allows you to quickly and easily agitate in Digital Drive Modes, blend or stir high viscosity liquids in stainless steel and plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC totes). These industrial-grade containers are commonly used for storing, transporting, and mixing a wide range of bulk solids and liquids on job sites. Due to their cubic shape and integral shipping pallet base design, they are convenient for movement by a forklift. While IBC tote mixing is often done in a larger industrial mixing tank, many applications require the use of portable totes. This type of mixing is particularly common in agricultural settings where liquid fertilizers and other products are mixed on-site with large tractors or other vehicles.

IBC Tote Mixers can also be utilized by homebrewers and winemakers for a variety of tasks. The ability to re-suspend settled solids and maintain product uniformity can help ensure the success of your next batch of beer or wine. Once fermentation is complete, an IBC tote can be racked into barrels or bottles to further preserve and store your creations.

EvenMix's line of IBC tote mixers offer a number of options for all of your mixing needs. Economy models that feature a direct-drive and single mixing impeller are well suited for lower viscosities, while higher horsepower and bracket mounted mixers can be used for more intense agitation and better performance in IBC totes with larger diameters and multiple mixing impellers. In addition to a variety of IBC tote mixing models, EvenMix also offers a line of tote accessories and attachments that allow you to further customize your mixer for your specific application.

A popular use for IBC totes is rainwater harvesting. By capturing and storing rainwater at the source, homeowners can reduce their need for costly water transportation and provide themselves with an alternative source of clean drinking and working water. This type of harvesting can also help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In agriculture, IBC totes are often used as mixing and distribution containers for a variety of products including fertilizers, seed treatment, and crop protection chemicals. These types of mixing can be very labor intensive for farmers and growers, and IBC tote mixers can help speed up the process and improve consistency.

EvenMix IBC tote mixers are designed specifically for this type of work. They feature folding mixing blades that are easier to insert through a 6-inch opening and are just as easy to fold back up when not in use. They also provide a downward thrust that helps to mix the contents of IBC tote tanks, even those with a tighter opening in the top of the tank.

With a variety of mounting options available, you can easily mount an IBC tote mixer to any type of platform or cart that will be used for your particular application. For example, a tote mixer can be mounted on a hopper for mixing agricultural chemicals, a pump for dispensing a livestock feed additive or poultry chick starter, or a recirculating aquaponics system for growing vegetables and fish.



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