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Tips For Finding a Reputable Moving Company Online

Oct 20

If you're planning a move, you may want to find a moving company online that has a positive reputation. Some of these companies are engaged in community initiatives, offer cost-saving options, and share your values.

However, some moving companies might not be as reliable as they claim and may lack the proper compliance and insurance measures. This article will show you how to avoid being scammed and find a reputable moving company online.

Avoiding shady moving companies

Getting multiple quotes is essential in avoiding scam moving companies online. Doing so will ensure that you are not paying more than necessary for your move.

Be wary of moving companies that ask for large upfront deposits. While this may be justified by a better price or faster move date, this practice could result in poor service.

Legitimate companies will send representatives to your home to give you an estimate and take other forms of payment. Avoid companies that show up in unmarked trucks, and make sure they have a USDOT number.

You should also be wary of companies that hand out incomplete contracts or ones filled with errors.

Checking online reviews

One of the easiest ways to find a reputable moving company is to check online reviews. You can find reviews from online moving communities and neighborhood message boards.

Avoid companies that have a disproportionate number of negative reviews. In addition, you can ask for the company's BBB rating and call the company to ask specific questions.

A good moving company will have clean trucks, nice uniforms, and a focus on customer service. They should also be a member of a professional organization or a moving association. These organizations will list the companies that have received good feedback from previous customers.

You can also look for companies on Google maps street view to check out the company's location.

Getting a quote from professional movers

When you're ready to sell your house and relocate, one of the best ways to get a moving quote is online. Many moving companies offer a quoting process that allows customers to get a virtual estimate of their move. The quotes can also include price matching or special services.

If possible, get quotes from at least three different companies. Then, compare the quotes to ensure that you are getting a fair price.

When getting quotes, remember to ask if the price includes packing services. Some movers include this in the full-service moving quote, but you may have to pay extra for these services if you want them.

Packing services are helpful for moving heavy items as they ensure that they are properly protected. Some movers will charge a separate fee for these services, but some will include them in the hourly rate. The cost of packing services will vary depending on the amount of items you are moving and how long it takes to pack them.

Getting a referral from a local moving company

When looking for a moving company online, a referral can be of great help. Ideally, a referral will be from a satisfied customer who has used a company's services.

A good moving company should offer exemplary customer service and a variety of relocation services to make it stand out from the competition. Moving employees get a firsthand view of people's lives, and they often interact with clients when they are most vulnerable.

Although it's easy to find moving company information online, moving reviews can sometimes be misleading, so it is best to seek out recommendations from people you know. Asking friends and family for a recommendation is a great way to find a moving company that is trustworthy and can help you save money.

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