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Which specs should I look for in an electric scooter?

Oct 9

Electric scooters still have a lot of novelty. The majority of people who purchase one are buying it for the first. Here are the top ten factors of SPEEDSPRO to consider when buying an electric scooter.

Motor Size

The wattage of electric scooter motors is measured in watts. They range from 200 watts to more than 5000 watts. Because it determines how powerful the scooter is, its motor size is crucial. This will affect the scooter's ability to accelerate and climb hills. 250 watts is sufficient to travel over flat terrain. If you intend to climb hills frequently, you need a stronger motor.


Every scooter has a range. This is the maximum distance a scooter can travel on one charge. You will need a more excellent range depending on how far you intend to ride. A higher range is also advisable than what you are likely to use. The distance a scooter can travel on flat ground determines its range. The battery must be fully charged before the scooter can travel. The power of many electric scooters decreases with age.

Maximum Speed

Every scooter has a maximum speed. This speed is usually around 15 mph, enough to handle most tasks. You will likely spend more time driving slowly while traveling in a large city. You can spend more and get a scooter capable of going up to 40 mph. 

However, higher speeds are not usually practical. There is a limit on the speed of scooters in most areas. The faster you go, it's more straightforward it is to fall off.


It's surprising to many people that scooters don't automatically make you waterproof. Purchasing a scooter specifically for rain riding and on wet roads is essential. Water damage can occur to standard electric scooters, so the warranty will not cover you.

Rider weight

An electric scooter can only carry a specified weight. The average weight is between 100 and 120 kilograms. Choosing a scooter with a higher weight limit is essential if you are heavier than this. You can ride a scooter no matter how much you weigh, but it is not recommended to go over the limit. A scooter that is too full will not be able to reach its maximum speed, may not accelerate correctly, and could have trouble breaking.


Pneumatic or solid tires are available for scooters. Because they absorb shock better against the ground, pneumatic or air-filled tires perform better. This makes it more comfortable to ride and easy to control. Pneumatic tires must be maintained, and some models are easy to puncture.

People looking for a scooter that is always in use and doesn't need to be maintained as often as airless or solid tires (or airless) tend to prefer them. Solid tires are not as comfortable to ride on uneven surfaces because they don't absorb shock.


Many electric scooters come with front, back, and wheel suspension. If you intend to ride over rough terrain, the suspension is essential. Because it makes riding a scooter easier, you can also use it to travel long distances. High-quality pneumatic tires can perform the same function as suspension.


The safety features of electric scooters are a must-have. There are many brakes, but the most efficient are disk brakes. A disk brake attaches to the tire with a metal disc. You can activate the brake by simply pressing a lever on the handlebars. 

Disk brakes are highly recommended as they are reliable and can be retracted quickly.


Some electric scooters weigh more than others. For some purposes, this is irrelevant. It's best to choose something lightweight if you intend on taking a scooter with you. It is worth noting, however, that scooters with longer ranges are heavier.


Even the best-designed scooter can be prone to failure and requires regular maintenance. A warranty is a must when buying an electric scooter. Many manufacturers offer generous warranties. Many scooters, especially those purchased from overseas, don't come with any warranty.

What about accessories for electric scooters?

Because electric scooters are safe and comfortable, accessories are essential. Electric scooters can be used close to cars and are very fast. It is essential to always wear a helmet.

You can buy lights separately or with lights on some scooters. If you plan to ride at night, this is a good idea. Theft is also a common target for electric scooters. It's a brilliant idea to buy a lock and an alarm system if you plan on parking your scooter outside.