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Top Electric Hunting Bikes 2022

Oct 9

1. BackCountry Mule – The Best Hunting Ebike of 2022

Although it is called Mule, this bike is as agile as any wild animal you might follow while riding on it. It's a beautiful aluminum body that combines beauty and beast. Our enthusiasm may have made you the winner in this roundup. SPEEDSPRO have every reason to praise this BackCountry ebike.


Aluminum alloy is used to make the frame. It's durable, lightweight and manageable in weight. The tires are of high quality and provide excellent traction, improving overall stability. The pedals have seen an improvement in size and can now accommodate boots. These parts are water-resistant and will not rust regardless of what torture they're subjected to. Mule's greatness is built on solid foundations.


These are highly mid-drive Bafang motors, which can climb steep terrains and produce sweet core specs.

The bike can travel up to 45 km/h (in the 1000W version) and can cover 64 km on one charge. These two numbers can be combined, but the bike still delivers an impressive performance. The load capacity score is solid at 136 kilograms.

You can easily control this strength with the left throttle, which allows you to have great control over the bike. A hydraulic brake system ensures you are brought to a stop without falling off the seat.

The Shimano Alivio 9-speed gearing is capable and will allow you to travel across different terrains even if the battery runs out. Although we would love to see chrome in the cog set, this is not a significant issue.

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All these features make the Backcountry Mule a competent hunter bike. This vehicle's impressive features make it stand out on this list.

Walk-Assist Mode

You can also put your bike in the "walk-assist mode" to allow it to go at a pedestrian pace if you go for a short walk. You also get an air fork suspension, shock-absorbing Seatpost, and a full-color LCD with vital information that allows you to see the status of your vehicle. This makes riding even more enjoyable.

We have many other things that we'd like to add, but space is running out. But you get the idea. This Mule is well worth your time.

2. Rambo R1000XP G3 Hunting Electric Bike

Remarkably, Rambo R1000XP G3 finished at the top of this roundup. This bike is impressive. Mule's outstanding performance could have easily landed Mule at the number one spot. It was a lack of consistency that ultimately brought it down. R1000XP is an excellent option for Mule when it's working well. It does have some downsides, however.

The electric hunting bike is still an excellent choice. However, we still prefer more detailed specs. Rambo R1000XP's ultra-sharp 1000W ultra-mid-drive motor is powerful and can handle any terrain. You can reach speeds of around 45 km/h and carry up to 136 kg. These numbers are impressive.


The range is not very good. R1000XP is capable of traveling 32 km in one run. You shouldn't push the vehicle beyond its limits. These numbers aren't wrong, but they do not belong in the entry-level segment of the market. Rambo's good folks made up for it with some fantastic treats.


Let's now talk about the aluminum alloy frame of the bike. It's strong enough to withstand any elements the bike encounters in open environments and has one of the most attractive looks on the market. 


The tires, treated with Maxxis Minion, are solid and durable. They also provide excellent shock absorption.


However, this is only half of the story. The RST Renegade front suspension system protects the other half of the story and ensures you have complete control over your vehicle.

Additional features

R1000XP lacks a lot of unique features. The standard LCD is full-color, and there are a few options for mounting trailers or backpacks, but that's about it.

The result is an excellent bike that hunters can use, but it has one problem: enough to fall from the top spot. This bike might suit hunters who require powerful performance but only short bursts of throttle control.

3. RadRover 6-The Best Budget E-Bike

The RadRover fat-tire e-bike offers hunters a great, affordable option. RAVPower is a young manufacturer that can be a deterrent to those who prefer to trust brands before making serious investments. This hunting bike is an excellent option for those who don't want to be limited by the price. It's worth looking into - let us take a closer look and find out.


Comfort is at the heart of the overall design. Comfort is assured by the broad, stable handlebar and ergonomic grips that allow for confident and firm riding. The Velo Plush cushioned saddle is quite wide, but not too wide that it causes discomfort for your inner thighs while pedaling.

Hunting bikes with metal pedals are an excellent option, especially considering that many bikes in this price range have less stable plastic pedals. The wide fenders at the front and back of both tires will come in handy when it rains. 

The kickstand is heavy-duty and has a large plastic foot that can support the bike's weight wherever it's parked. This bike is not as light as you would like. This bike is heavy at 69lbs and can be difficult to pedal, especially if you lose your battery mid-trail. RadRover 6 is an affordable bike that hunters can use without sacrificing quality or experience.


RadRover's frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy and is designed to withstand off-road challenges, such as hunting or mountain biking. The frame is solid but light enough to allow for easy handling. The RST fork provides excellent suspension and, in conjunction with high-quality fat tires, offers a comfortable ride on all terrains.

Motor & Battery

The 750W rear hub motor has its strengths, but it also has some flaws. The motor's power is cut off instantly once the speed limit is reached. Instead of gradually increasing, it cuts off. Even if we forget that fact, the motor's performance is quite good. 

The motor is powerful enough to reach 20mph, and the torque of 80Nm will give you a smooth start and steady acceleration. This bike excels on smaller hills. It can be challenging to maneuver on steeper hills, but it is not impossible.

This bike's most significant component is the 672Wh Rad Rad battery pack. If you want more power than strength, the lithium-ion battery uses Samsung 35E 18650 batteries. 

You can ride 45 miles on a single charge before it needs to be charged again. If you plan to take long trips, it can take up to 6 hours for your battery to fully recharge.

RadRover uses a set of 180mm Tektro mechanical disk brakes. They are reliable and can provide strong stopping power regardless of terrain or conditions.