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Can electric scooters go uphill?

Oct 9

Potential riders need to know if an electric scooter can climb uphill and tackle steep inclines. Today, many people use electric scooters to commute to work and to do small errands around the neighborhood. People in hilly areas worry about whether their electric scooters can climb the steep hills.

Short answer: Yes, electric scooters are capable of going uphill.

Climb Angle

The electric scooter will have a more challenging time climbing steep hills. Many factors will determine if your scooter can climb uphill. The climbing angle is the most important. An angle of 18deg or more is too steep for electric scooters that are less powerful. This angle is possible for premium cheap eScooters for adults.

There are many other factors that you should consider.


Two people of different weights could share the same electric scooter and have different success climbing the same hill. The motor's work is less complicated the lighter a scooter can carry. Before you buy an eScooter, it is essential to verify the maximum weight limit. A heavier scooter will have a greater maximum weight capacity.

Motor and Battery

Your electric scooter should be equipped with a powerful battery to store significant power. Both the battery and motor have an impact on how the scooter performs. Performance is better if they are more powerful.

Consider buying an electric scooter with a powerful motor and battery if you live in a hilly region. You will love an electric scooter powered by a long-lasting battery with a high-torque motor of 250 watts and above.


Tires with the right size and grip are essential for an uphill climb. Bald or small tires can make it more difficult or even impossible to climb. Buying an electric scooter with threaded, grooved tires would be best. A scooter's tires should measure at least 8.5 inches. Tires with smaller diameters can cause excess load and put undue stress on your motor.


An electric scooter with a suspension can make it easier to go uphill than a scooter without one. Your body will put more weight on the scooter's rear wheels to balance yourself when you climb hills. 

The suspension of the scooter helps to transfer the weight from the back of the scooter to the wheels. A rear suspension on an e-scooter allows you to enjoy comfortable city riding and climb hills confidently.