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Best electric scooters for commuting

Oct 9

There are many benefits to electric scooters, especially those that are designed for urban commuting. They can be easily transported by public transport and are small enough to fit in a car. Electric scooters don't use oil or fossil fuel and provide quiet, green urban commuting.

Many options are available if you're thinking of switching to electric scooters. There are many options for electric scooters. They come in a variety of designs and power options. You can also add features such as a standing board, removable seat and water resistance. 

Electric scooters for commuters must be lightweight, portable, and foldable. They should also have the right balance of speed, range, and ride quality to make daily commutes easy and comfortable.

We've created a list of the top-rated commuting scooters to help you pick the right one for your needs. Find the right one for you.

What to look for in a city commuter/ Last Mile electric scooter

The best electric scooters are lightweight, portable, easy to transport and provide an outstanding balance between safety, performance, and comfort. An electric scooter for commuters is your transport. 

It should allow you to get from work to college faster by cutting traffic. You can also use it as a last-mile commuter solution by being compact enough to fit in tight places.

It's unlikely that you'll be able to do crazy tricks on any scooter for the commute. If you live in hilly areas like San Francisco, the scooter's low torque and average top speed will help to reduce commute time and keep you safe.

It is crucial to choose the right electric scooter for your commute. This is a long-term investment. To ensure the best commuting experience, you should consider several factors when purchasing an electric scooter. These are:


When choosing an electric scooter, it is essential to consider the motor's performance and maximum speed. How powerful and fast do you need the electric scooter? For general commuters, you should select at least 250 watts. 

This should be enough to take you over smaller hills and across flat terrain. If you live in hilly areas, you will need a stronger single-motor or dual-motor scooter to conquer the inclines.

For general city commuting, a scooter that can travel at 20 mph is recommended. It would be best to remember that speed limits vary between cities. Most cities have different speed limits. 

If caught speeding, weaving through traffic or driving recklessly, you will likely be fined or your e-scooter taken away. 20 mph is safe and fast enough to get you around the city.

Range (Miles per Charge)

Another essential factor to consider when buying an electric scooter for city or last mile commuting is range. A scooter with a shorter range will work if you want to reduce your last-mile commutes.

You will need a more extended-range scooter if you commute long distances, such as to college or work. Many scooters for commuters have a removable battery that allows you to carry an additional battery for a more extended range. 

You will notice that electric scooters with longer ranges have larger batteries, adding weight. The tradeoff is worth it, especially for those who commute long distances.


It is essential that a commuting scooter can be transported, mainly if it is used for last-mile commutes. It should be light enough to fold up and fit into tight spaces.

Most commuting scooters have been made with lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy to keep their weight down. 

You can easily transport the scooter with minimal weight.

When moving up or down stairs or boarding the bus or train, it is best to do so at a short distance.


Pneumatic or solid tires can be fitted to electric scooters. Both types of tires offer different levels of comfort. Pneumatic tires have a higher level of comfort than their counterparts due to their enhanced shock absorption. However, they require more maintenance.

The size of the tires is also crucial as it affects many aspects of electric scooters, such as speed, acceleration, ride quality, speed, and ride quality. Although larger wheels offer better mobility and more comfort, they also make the scooter heavier, which limits its portability. 

Although smaller tires are more portable and easy to fold, they can be uncomfortable and slow down the speed.

Medium-sized pneumatic tires for commuters are often recommended because they provide a sweet spot in performance, portability and ride comfort.


When buying electric scooters for commuter use, safety is paramount. It is not a good idea to hit another vehicle or ram into traffic during rush hour commutes. It would be best if you considered an electric scooter with excellent safety features. 

These include sufficient lighting to make you easily visible in the dark and flawless brakes. Some electric scooters for commuters have additional safety features such as an electric bell, traction control, or water-resistant rating. 

This will ensure that you and your scooter are safe on your commutes.

Warranty and Price

The price of a non-electric scooter for kids or electric scooter is a personal choice. However, it's essential to choose one that suits your budget. Prices for the best scooters for commuters and last-mile commuters range from $500 to $900. 

You can expect that the price tag will reflect the quality and features. Spending a little more will ensure you get excellent quality and add-ons. It would be best if you considered the warranty and price. It would be best to be cautious as not all electric scooters have a warranty. You can be sure to buy electric scooters for a minimum of one year.