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Salt Strands Hair Extensions

Aug 9


Pinup Salon Salt Strands in Raleigh, North Carolina has teamed up with Pinup to launch an entirely new line of hair extensions. These extensions are now sold at hundreds of salons across the US. The company also offers hair training. It is the only company with the right to create its own line of products. The brand was introduced in the year 2018 and is currently available in hundreds of salons.Pinup Studio NC has worked together with Salt Strands to create this revolutionary product that is able to increase length and volume in any type of hair.

Salt Strands Hair Extensions

How do you care for hair extensions

If you're sporting your hair in a ponytail that is low or are trying to create a layered look, there are some basic actions you can take to care for your salt strands extensions. In the first place, you need to ensure that your hair is thoroughly dry prior to starting your shower. If you have several rows, make sure you separate them before washing them. Then, apply shampoo to the hairline and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. For keeping your hair well-conditioned and healthy, use conditioner after you've washed it.

If you have an elongated hairstyle and want to keep it that way, you can use leave-in conditioners and oils to moisturize your hair. Avoid applying these products directly on the extensions, and instead apply them to your hair from mid-shaft to the ends. This won't alter the bonding strength. Beware of using heat tools during the summer because they could harm extensions. Instead, go for non-heat curls or wrap your hair with silk scarves.

It is also possible to shield your hair from effects of salt water by wearing a swimming cap. You can buy silicone swimming caps that can aid in protecting your extensions from the damaging impacts of salt water. You should choose the one that suits your needs best. After applying the conditioner, keep the cap on for at the least 30 minutes. Salt water can cause hair extensions to get damaged. Make sure you choose a cap that is comfortable and fits well.

Tape in vs handtied hair extensions

A hand-tied extension is better than a tape-in extension because of a number of reasons. However, you are able to decide to stick to the former option or opt out. Both options provide instant boosts of length, fullness and volume, however, each comes with its pros and disadvantages. The type of style you prefer and the hair type you have will determine which hand tie technique to choose.

Handtied extensions cost varies depending on where you live and what your goals are. While extensions with tape can cost $50-150, hand tied extensions last between six to eight weeks before they need to be taken off. Since they do not contain adhesives, extensions tied by hand are less likely to cause damage to the hair that you already have. They are also easier to remove and apply and leave little or no marks.

You should take care of your hair extensions regardless of whether they're tape-in or hand-tied. The adhesive may be damaged due to extreme heat. Additionally, the hand-tied extensions should be cleaned thoroughly after every use, avoiding using conditioners or shampoos which contains alcohol or alcohol or. The heat protector must be utilized as frequently as possible.

Hair extensions last longer using high-quality salon products

If you want to make the most of your salt strands of hair extensions, you should use salon-quality products to prolong the life of your extensions. Use a heat protectant or leave-in conditioner for your ends and mid-lengths. When you are ready to go to bed, apply a light oil on your hair. Shampoos and conditioners with high protein content may dry your hair out, and yellow-colored products can cause a staining to your extensions.

You should not use products that have an sulphate base for your extensions. You can use a shampoo or conditioner designed specifically for extensions. These products are not designed to strip hair oils away, but rather to create foam. Use shampoos with low salt content, or shampoos with mild Sulfates. Shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates will irritate your extensions, so choose an sulfate-free or gentle formula instead.

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