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Why Roof Leak Repair Is Important

May 11

Why Roof Leak Repair Is Important

By Marietta Roofing

Your roof could be leaking, even just a little. This can lead to long-term damage. Roof leak repair should be done immediately, as water issues do not go away. They only get worse.

Why Roof Leak Repair Is Important

A roof leak could cause serious damage to your home. Apart from aesthetic concerns, water can cause structural damage to your home or a roof failure.

Here's how water can invade your home through the roof.

  • Mold and mildew thrive in a controlled environment
  • Wood rot
  • Allow your drywall to soak in.
  • You can cause your entire roof to collapse

Water and Mold/Mildew

Water in damp and dark places can be a breeding ground. Mold can be very toxic and must be dealt with immediately. Inspect your attic walls for mold, mildew spots. Also, check the ceilings and walls of the main living spaces. If you find it, you may need to immediately repair your roof.

Wood Rot

Wood rot isn’t always easy to detect. But, if you can see it, it will appear as white, yellow, or stringy. Sometimes wood rot can cause it to turn darker brown, and sometimes even lead to its destruction.

Drywalls are water-logged

By looking for small spots of discoloration or mildew, paint that seems to bulge out, or general sagging, you can identify water soaking your walls. It might be on your ceilings or your walls (or both). One thing is certain: If water leaks into your walls and gets your drywall wet once more, you will need to address it immediately.

Catastrophic Roof Failing from Water Incursion

Wood rot can result in a roof collapse. It's sometimes difficult to identify. Check your attic for saggy areas and the rafters. Rotten wood can lead to a collapse of your roof structure, which can also cause damage to your home.

How can you tell that your roof has a leak?

It is important to be aware of signs that your roof may be leaking inside or outside your home. These are the things to watch out for:

  • Dark spots on walls or ceilings
  • Spots on the attic roof where the sun shines through
  • A sagging appearance
  • The roof has missing or broken shingles
  • Gutter obstructions or slow-draining gutters
  • You can leave loose roofing material on the ground around your home
  • Chimneys and roof vents can be damaged easily

What if you need roof leak repair?

Sometimes the water damage to your home doesn't occur in the exact location of the leak. Sometimes you can trace the water's path, but it is often more complicated. It's possible that your roof has multiple leaks, especially if it's been damaged by hail or severe weather.

You should contact us to arrange an inspection. We can find the source of your roof leak and fix it where necessary. Call us now to schedule your FREE roof inspection.


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