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Getting from Heraklion Airport to Rethymno

Mar 25

Heraklion Airport is the second-largest airport in Greece. Every year, thousands of international travelers travel to and fro it. Chania is the most visited area in Crete. There is so much to do in the city, including beautiful beaches and historical sites.

Taxi, private transfer or bus?

You should learn how to get from Heraklion Airport in the region to Chania. There is no train service in Crete. However, you can travel to the region by taxi, private transfer or bus.

How can I travel by bus from Heraklion Airport in Greece to Chania?

You can take a bus from Heraklion Airport in Greece to Chania. The bus station is located outside the arrivals building. Buses depart the airport every half an hour. You don't need to worry about missing one. The bus leaves at 5.30 a.m. and arrives at 9.00 p.m. The trip usually takes between 2 hours and 45 minutes depending on traffic. A bus ticket costs EUR14, but you can check the official website for the latest prices.

Intermediate stops along the route to Chania

You will travel through Rethymno while on the bus. If you're interested in exploring the city, you might stop at Rethymno’s bus station. You can find many tourist attractions, such as the Venetian Fortress or Folklore Museum in Rethymno. If you want, you can stay the night in Rethymno or take another bus to Chania after you've explored the city.

How can I locate a stop on public transport at Heraklion Airport?

There are two bus stations at the Heraklion Airport. There is also a bus station that serves buses going to the city center. It is located outside the departures building. One is for buses going east or west, and the other is located outside of the arrivals building. The one located outside the arrivals building is for buses traveling east and west to Chania.

How can I get from Heraklion Airport in Greece to Chania via Taxi?

You can take a taxi to Chania. There are many taxis waiting to transport passengers to their destinations. The trip costs EUR140 from Heraklion Airport and takes approximately 140km, which can take about 2 hours. You might consider taking a taxi to Heraklion Airport, or Heraklion if you don't want to take the bus. This is ideal for people who don't mind any stopovers or delays during their trip.


Transfer services for private parties at Heraklion Airport

A private transfer from Heraklion Airport in Greece to Chania would be the best option for travelers, especially if you don't want the hassles associated with public transports. Numerous companies provide reliable transfer services in Crete. Taxi travel around Crete is a great way to save time, money and effort. They will pick up your luggage and drive you to your destination.

Since there is high demand for these services, it's a good idea to reserve a vehicle prior to your trip. You can travel with confidence knowing your vehicle will be waiting for you in Chania. You won't have to wait for public transport or hail a taxi at busy airports where there are many people.