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Five Reasons Why Big Trucks Need Roadside Assistance

Mar 24


Big rig trucks are big and powerful, making them one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Because of their size and the long distances they need to cover, they're susceptible to occasional auto problems. Large trucks can suffer from breakdowns depending on their status, their driving conditions, and their weight. So, maintaining the truck in a timely manner is vital to prevent accidents on the roadsides for semi-trucks.


We have worked with a number of big rig trucks as a tow truck business that has a diverse fleet. While breakdowns are rarely fun for any driver, it is especially stressful when dealing with this kind of large machinery. For any trucker, you're operating on a strict timetable for extended periods of time. Azteca Towing is able to haul all kinds of machines and make your hectic times more enjoyable.


Avoiding a breakdown is possible by being prepared. These are the main reasons big rig trucks need assistance on the road.


Tire Problems

Assistance with roadside emergencies is typically offered for cars with. This is especially true for trucks with large rigs. Due to the long trips for long durations the tires endure many miles of travel. They also weigh heavier than cars and cause them to wear more quickly than car tires. Other than worn down tread, tire failure could result from a variety reasons such as incorrectly aligned axles as well as inflating too much or too little.


Brake malfunction

When compared with other vehicles that are on the roads, brake failure on big-rig trucks is far more frequent. Since the brakes on these massive trucks are subject to greater levels of pressure, friction, heat, and stress, brake failure can be the second most frequent cause of roadside problems. However, regular maintenance will stop malfunctioning brakes and increase the safety of your, laborious journey. To prevent breaking down check for the following signs of wear on your brakes




Water contamination

Air leakages

Brake failure can be extremely frightening, particularly for this type of machinery. If you experience issues with your brakes, contacting the cheapest towing service in Phoenix is the best option to ensure your safety.


Electrical System Failure

The electric systems in big rig trucks can be complex. They have the standard electrics all vehicles have. However, they also include charging and cranking systems. These systems need to be maintained regularly in order to prevent potential electrical problems and ensure your security. The three main electrical systems include the starter motor alternator, battery, and start motor. The three systems must be kept in good working order to guarantee an uninterrupted and safe journey.


Cooling System Problems

A truck's cooling system needs numerous connections. Thus, there is an possibility of a faulty connection to fail during transport, leading to the decrease in coolant levels and problems in the truck's thermostat. It's usually a simple fix that can be repaired fast. You'll be back on the road in no time with the simplest phone call to your Phoenix local towing company

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