On behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Ministry of Aviation has confirmed the delivery of a King Air 350i calibration aircraft that costs $8.5million dollars. The acquisition of the aircraft is expected to boost aviation safety in the country, and help to curb $500.000 bi-annual capital flight.

The news was released to the general public by the Minister of Aviation himself, Hadi Sirika, via his twitter handle @hadisirika thus, “Just received new calibration aircraft for the country. Make is King Air 350i. Costs $8.5M…”

The minister went on to thank the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, for making the Nigerian airspace safer, with the words, “Thanks Mr. President. We started and finished during your regime.”

The acquisition of this calibration aircraft is not novel, as Nigeria has owned one in the past. However, the last aircraft was deprived of regular routine maintenance which led to its unserviceability. The task of airplane calibration was thereafter passed on to offshore companies such as ASECNA, who did the job at inflated rates.

With the purchase of a new calibration aircraft, it will be easier and cheaper to inspect navigational or communication equipment such as Very-High Omni-directional radio Range (VOR), Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) among others, to guarantee they work to precision. These are all necessary to make the Nigerian airspace ultimately safe for air travel.


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