EgyptAir’s First A220-300 Makes Maiden Flight – By Daisy BARRO


EgyptAir’s first A220-300, the first of twelve on order, has effectively accomplished its inaugural test flight from the Mirabel assembly line in Canada, with delivery to the airline due in the upcoming weeks.

The A220-300 is Airbus’ latest addition designed to provide a more comfortable passenger experience. It has a novel cabin design, the widest economy seats among single-aisle aircraft and windows that allow more natural light into the cabin. After its successful maiden test flight, the aircraft will now enter the final phase of completion before it is finally delivered to EgyptAir in Cairo.

Aside from the in-cabin comforts this aircraft brings to the passenger, the aircraft has a range of up to 3,400 nautical miles (6,300km). It also has remarkable fuel efficiency thanks to its modern aerodynamics provided by Pratt and Whitney’s latest generation PW1500G geared turbofan engines. These factors combined allow the aircraft to offer a minimum of 20% lower fuel combustion per seat compared to previous generation aircraft, and also allows it to deliver the performance of larger single-aisle aircraft.

With all the above advantages, it is no surprise that more than 80 A220 aircraft are already flying with five operators on both regional and transcontinental routes in various continents such as America, Africa, Europe and Asia.


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