Herbert Odika Returns To NAHCo As Chief Operating Officer – By Olamide ASEPERI


The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc (Nacho aviance) has appointed Mr. Herbert Odika as Chief Operations Officer (COO). Mr. Odika, who served in the organization at one time as Head of Corporate Communications, is a first class aviation professional with an exceptional knowledge of the industry who studied Business Administration and graduated from the University of North London. He is known to be a focused person with very wide experience in various fields as marketing, business development, medical sales, team leadership and operational management.  

The new COO is gifted with an extraordinary talent in leading and developing a high performing team of staff to deliver objectives and achieve their best, he is also great at making quality conclusions and effective decision also with the ability to make change and raise performance standards.

Odika has the ability to see the ‘’bigger picture’’ as well as small details and has the ability to use available resources to fulfill goals and surmount challenges. He regularly meets and goes beyond targets and also ensures that everyone obeys the laws and ways of operations.

The COO is a man who stands out in whatever he does and also diligent at building relationship with other parties. He had previously acted as a means of communication between Nacho and the press and trade unions bringing out open and constructive dialogue to surmount differences of opinion.

He is able to manage daily operations and also has the ability to reduce cost without compromising the quality of delivery. He is known to have the ability to increase the income of every organization he deals with and can also foresee problems and challenges of an organization. Odika is highly skilled with tackling disorders in a calm, logical and pragmatic manner with a track record of resolving issues and decision making in the aviation industry.


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