Mrs. Aanu Benson, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Overland Airways Limited, on the occasion of the International Day of the Woman, and in solidarity with ICAO’s Young Aviation Professionals Program, has invited women to participate more in the aviation industry.

Mrs. Benson commented about the fast-growing nature of the aviation industry, noting the projected need for engineers, pilots, air traffic controllers among others as increasing exponentially over the next decade, therefore women must be ready to meet the industry’s needs. “It is not accidental that the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Balance for Better’. It has come at a time when both men and women in the industry need to step up participation and contribution in order to achieve our desired goals. As a woman who has had a successful career in the Nigerian [aviation]industry, I remain committed to ensuring that more women are given the opportunity to pursue their ambitions…”

She appreciated the efforts of groups that have made it possible for more women to participate actively and enthusiastically in the aviation industry such as Association of Professional Women Engineers in Nigeria (APWEN), Women in Aviation, Nigeria Chapter (WAIN), amongst others.

Finally, after noting the increase in the percentage of women participating in the aviation industry in Africa, she encouraged more harmonized action in channeling the resources available towards developing the next generation of aviation professionals, notwithstanding their gender.


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