In the spirit of competitiveness, Aero Contractors of Nigeria (ACN), Nigeria’s oldest airline, has introduced new routes, expanded its fleet, re-introduced suspended routes and re-started its helicopter services in the Niger Delta and the Gulf of Guinea. The pronouncement was made at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal 2 (MMA2) yesterday.

Captain Ado Sanusi, CEO of ACN explained that, “We are starting new routes and we are reinstating already existing routes that were suspended in the past. When I joined, we started with eight flights a day, all flying around Abuja and Port Harcourt. However, in the past 24 months, we have increased to over thirty flights a day. We were carrying close to eight thousand passengers a month, but now we are [carrying]almost thirty-three thousand passengers a month”.

In a related development, ACN has also unveiled a novel design for its new cabin attendants. This news was also made public at the ACN base at MMA2 yesterday. Commenting on this, the Cabin Service Manager of Aero, Mrs. Kudirat Bello said it was necessary for Aero to inform the flying public of its strong comeback, since according to her, they were not really aware of this new development.

Captain Ado was alluding to this new development when he said, “First of all, we celebrate the new face of our cabin crew of Aero Contractors and we are unveiling the success we have achieved over the past twenty-four months, in the [course]of managing the airline…” Addressing all present and prospective passengers of the airline, Mrs. Bello informed them, “We just want to tell our passengers that we are back with increased fleet, new routes, impeccable service delivery from our crew, and we have also changed the accessories on our crew’s uniform to enhance [its]beauty”.


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