The M.D/C.E.O of Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) PLC, Mr. Basil Agboarumi, has renewed the company’s desire to encourage opportunities for smooth exportation in Nigeria, by providing state of the art logistics support and other facilities required by farmers and employers. He made this clear during a forum with ABX World and Agro Allied Solutions team at the company’s Corporate Headquarters.

In Mr. Agboarumi’s unfiltered opinion, “SAHCO PLC has one of the best warehouses in Africa and the best in West Africa. SAHCO has invested so much in equipment. In cargo, we have just commissioned the procurement of new scanning machines. Also, we just acquired a state of the art high loader (LAM35), which has the capacity to load and offload up to 40 tons at a go”.

The head of Cargo Services, SAHCO PLC, Mr. Jide Kafidipe, voiced that even though the farmers work hard, 75% of their produce is wasted. Therefore, SAHCO’s enormous cold storage facility will go a long way to preserve perishable items, thus limiting wastage. He also observed that farmers are reluctant to take advantage of export amenities due to excessive bureaucracy in the system.

On his part, Captain John Okakpu, M.D/C.E.O of ABX World and Agro Allied Solutions observed that the forum was enjoined to look for ways to move Nigeria forward through the agricultural sector, as opposed to solely relying on oil, considering that Nigeria has over twelve products of export value. He also expressed regret on the stressful bureaucratic nature of the system of documentation in Nigeria: “In U.S and Europe, the agencies are not as numerous, and the process is not as cumbersome”. He therefore called on the government to render things easy for exporters of agricultural products, and encouraged farmers to provide the coordinates to their farms, as this will go a long way to expose them to the world.


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